An undergraduate student conducts and electric magnetic physics experiment.


准备好申请大学? 在凯特林开启你的未来

令人兴奋,具有挑战性的课程. A wealth of opportunities to work and network with industry professionals in a nationally renowned co-op program. Cutting-edge research facilities. 广泛的本科学位课程, 未成年人和专业, 从声学到技术领先. 在正规的赌博app, you’ll find all of this and more to help you Engineer Your Future and kickstart a successful and rewarding career.

Whether you hope to become the world’s next leader or innovator, or you simply enjoy tinkering and learning how things work, you’ll find everything you need to gain hands-on experience and impressive credentials at Kettering.

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当你准备申请凯特林这样的大学时, you’re doing more than choosing where to spend your next four years — you’re laying the groundwork to be successful for the rest of your life.

那是因为在凯特林, we combine transformative experiential learning opportunities with rigorous and intriguing degree programs in business, engineering, 数学与科学. Here, 你不仅会受到挑战,也会受到指引, pushed and supported — Kettering students are encouraged to collaborate but also to lead. More importantly, 你可以接触到大量的专家, 你在其他地方找不到的工具和其他资源.

如果你准备好申请大学的话, our office of undergraduate admissions and admissions counselors are here to guide you to a program that aligns with your interests, goals and strengths.

As you apply to colleges and universities, keep in mind what helps Kettering stand out from the rest.


从商业到技术以及其他领域, join one of Kettering’s innovative programs designed to prepare you with the education and skills you’ll need to excel on the job.


无论你选择哪个学位项目 Chemical Engineering to 机械工程, you’ll conduct research in Kettering’s many advanced research facilities.


At Kettering, you’ll complete your bachelor’s degree at an institution that consistently ranks among the best. U.S. News & World Report regularly names Kettering as one of the schools with the Best Engineering and Computer Science programs, 最好的退伍军人和中西部最好的.

本科招生 for a World-Renowned, STEM-Focused Institution

  • At Kettering, our business, engineering and STEM programs have an impressive legacy and national reputation for generating highly capable and successful graduates. 当你申请大学时, remember to get in touch with our office of undergraduate admissions to help you prepare for a career in business, 工程学或任何两者之间的东西.
  • “正规的赌博app’s consistently impressive rankings among the best universities in the country are a clear validation that our mix of rigorous academics with fully integrated, professional co-op experiences uniquely prepare students for meaningful leadership roles in the global economy,正规的赌博app校长博士说. Robert K. McMahan. 
  • Here, you can specialize or concentrate in important and emerging fields, 包括替代能源, 汽车工程设计, computer gaming, 创新创业, 制造系统, 机器人系统和技术领导. You can also add real work experience to your resume through our unrivaled co-op program. 
  • 不管你对哪个节目最感兴趣, when you’re preparing for undergraduate admissions at Kettering, you’re readying to join the ranks of today’s most successful engineers, 领导者和技术专家. Contact our office of undergraduate admissions today and speak with an admissions counselor to learn more about the direction you should take now that will help you reach your goals in the future.










Camaraderie From 本科招生 to Life on Campus

Competition teams that take on other colleges in nationwide challenges and competitions. Greek life. 服务的机会. 在凯特林,你会发现友爱和社区. Here, 我们有40多个俱乐部和组织, 无数的社区参与机会等等, so you can be sure you’ll make lifelong friends and find networking opportunities inside and outside of the classroom.

At Kettering, our students and alumni appreciate our small-knit community, variety of clubs and opportunities to collaborate with like-minded peers and industry professionals — and you will, too. Before you apply to colleges, learn more about what students like you value and enjoy at Kettering.


At Kettering we’re dedicated to helping you set your future in motion, 从本科录取程序开始. 当你申请凯特林的时候, our admissions counselors in the office of undergraduate admissions will review your application, 一些教职员工可能会, too.

When it’s time to apply to colleges and you’re ready to apply to Kettering, be sure to review our undergraduate admissions requirements to ensure a smooth application process.

Financing Your Future: Scholarships for Undergraduates and More

Continuing your education is a big decision as well as an investment. That’s why we offer a variety of ways to help you finance your education, from grants and scholarships for undergraduates to paid job experiences through our co-op programs and beyond.

At Kettering, 99%的学生都能获得助学金, 贷款或勤工俭学的机会, 92%的高年级学生获得了经济资助, so you can rest assured that you’ll have financial aid options.

Plus, you may apply for as many scholarships as you’re qualified for — at Kettering, 你可以接收的数量没有限制. Our office of undergraduate admissions can help you determine which scholarships for undergraduates you may be eligible for and they can point you toward other financial aid opportunities.

改变你的未来. 联系本科招生或立即申请.